Biosen C-Line

Biosen C-Line by EKF Diagnostics requires minimal maintenance and uses chip sensors which have a long life span and are easy to replace. Each model in the Biosen range can store up to 1,000 patient results and provides connectivity to PC and printer. An optional bar code reader is also available.

C-Line Clinic: 20 sample positions Biosen C-Line Clinic is well suited for the analysis of sample series in small to medium size hospital laboratories, professional sports clinics, research institutes and industry. The measurement of glucose and lactate on Biosen analyzers is based on an electrochemical principle. The sample is precisely taken up by the user with a 20 µl end-to-end capillary and transferred into the EKF safe-lock cup prefilled with 1 ml of hemolysis solution. The Biosen analyzers are calibrated automatically with a solution of known concentration (EKF Multistandard). Efficient calibration schemes can be selected by the user. Furthermore, EKF provides a complete range of test solutions for quality control to meet the standards of contemporary quality management. Separate quality control (QC) positions are available besides the regular sample positions for automated QC measurement and storage as QC results in the data memory (on all models except Biosen C-Line Sport).

A STAT position ensures that emergency samples can be analyzed immediately at any time.

  • Touch Screen
  • Multilingual Display
  • Results in 20–25 seconds
  • Up to 160 results an hour
  • Measuring from whole blood, plasma and serum
  • Automatic calibration
  • High precision CV 1.5 % at 12 mmol/l
  • Measuring range 0.5-50 mmol/L for glucose and 0.5-40 mmol/L for lactate
  • Chip-sensor life-time: glucose 7,500 tests (60 days), lactate 6,000 tests (50 days)
  • Sample stability up to 5 days at room temperature (refrigeration recommended)
  • PC, network and printer connectivity via RS232C interfaces
  • Stores up to 1000 results
  • Barcode option available

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