TEMPLO is structured in a way that allows the user to move fluidly from video capture through to analysis, and then on to the reporting of findings. Also included in TEMPLO is an integrated database function that cover all of your data management needs, allowing you to steer clear of your computer's volumes and libraries.

The fundamental strengths of TEMPLO are based on:

  • Capabilities in advanced, multi-camera capture and image processing systems
  • External Analog-Digital data collection
  • Efficient, application specific workflows
  • Powerful analysis and reporting features.
  • Data management system
  • Accurate timing platform

TEMPLO® 2D Posture analysis is an innovative measurement system that enables fast and easy analyses of the human posture. The system has been designed and developed in collaboration with specialists, who have long-time practical experience in this field of application.

TEMPLO® 3D posture analysis provides powerful features to analyse human posture by measuring all body axes in an effective and easy way. All angles and distances are calculated in 3D. This system has been designed and developed based on long-time practical experiences and therefore provides an unbeaten effectiveness in the daily usage and especially considers the holistic aspect.

The innovative TEMPLO® Gait analysis is based on standardized workflows (e.g. J. Perry). An optimized menu navigation concerning video capture, video analysis and report design allow time-saving work and clear results.

They can be used for diagnosis and documentation for the following purposes:

  • Pre- and postoperative analyses
  • Recognition of posture deficits of kids and young people Constitutional exploration of athletes
  • Documentation of therapy progress in rehabilitation
  • Consulting for right insoles and correct footwear
  • Prosthesis adjustment
  • Preventive activities

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