Hydroworx Pool

Since more than 10 years HydroWorx-Pools are established parts of American trainings/performance centers in professional sports (NFL, NBA, NHL as well as in ambitioned college-sport). Beside a variable precise adjustable water-depth (caused by hydraulic lifting floor) the swimming pool bottom has all treadmill functions and allow with reduced gravitational effects on the joints of the lower extremity to realize various running loads. Permanently installed underwater cameras provide permanent Bio-Feedback information/control to the sportsmen/patient about his joint stress during the workout. Laterally installed counterflow jets allow different workout intensities during aqua-jogging as well as auto-massages at the pool edges.

What are the basic effects of HydroWorx Pool usage?

Therapeutic effects

  • Selected reduction of joint stress realized by infinitely variable water depth;
  • At the same time the water creates a compression on the skin on the corresponding biologic structures and reduces so far posttraumatic swelling effects;
  • Caused by special characteristics of the water resistance the training intensity of the exercises can be exactly regulated by the athlete/patient within actual pain free range (fast speed movements create high training resistance, slowly movements creates low training intensities);
  • The water resistance itself transfers within the movements a peripheral pressure on the skin-/soft tissue-structures, which has equivalent effects like a massage;

Training effects

  • The water resistance creates a significant higher muscular training intensity on the skeletal muscles, while at the same time the joint stress during the exercises is significant reduced and in so far overuse phenomena are prevented;
  • • Caused by increased training intensities of all integrated muscle groups the training stimulus for the cardio-vascular system is consequently as well increased and creates optimized training adaptations to the involved biological structures.

Which HydroWorx Pool activities can be offered?

  • Individual treatments with all varieties of therapeutic exercises with focus on specific reduction of the joint stress;
  • Individual and/or group training with focus on cardio-vascular training effects;
  • Individual and/or group recovery training with focus on recovery optimization with additional reduced joint stress;
  • Individual and/or group training with focus on optimization of strength endurance with high training loads;

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