Isokinetic Exercise/Testing

The word isokinetic is most frequently used in sports science and medicine. In these fields isokinetic refers a type of movement, exercise or a strength test. If translated literally, isokinetic (i·so·ki·net·ic pronounced i'so-k?-net'ik) means moving a resistance at a constant speed. The key point of the isokinetic exercise/test is: The speed of the motion remains the same even if the resistance alters. Isokinetic machine moves only at a certain speed (in general degrees per second). The machine varies its resistance against the applied force to maintain that speed. This means if participant pushes against the machine hard it will give back more resistance to maintain the speed it was told to go at. One of the advantages of isokinetic testing is that it provides numerous objective parameters, which are frequently used to analyze an athlete's performance are peak torque, time rate of torque development, acceleration, deceleration, range of motion, total work, average power, and shape of the torque curves. Our cutting-edge ISOMED 2000 isokinetic exercise/testing system is one of the best in the market. Together with GSA exercise specialists the results of isokinetic sessions will be maximized both for your health and performance.

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