Kistler Forceplate

Why Kistler?

Kistler force plates are extremely versatile in catering for most applications. However, the different measuring systems have been optimized for specific uses in sports as well as in biomechanical and medical laboratories.


Sports and Performance Diagnostics

In sports, winning performances can only be achieved through continuously optimized methods of highly controlled training. By analyzing the forces that athletes generate at various points, it is possible to draw conclusions about current performance and the effectiveness of alternative techniques, and to modify training programs accordingly. The high preload and linearity of their piezoelectric sensors allow Kistler force plates to measure very accurately even under high initial loads. They can therefore be installed in any position and equipped with additional equipment or coverings without affecting their precision or zero point. The high natural frequency, extremely wide usable measuring range and generous load capacity of the force plates make it possible to capture even highly dynamic processes in the martial arts, sports such as weight lifting or track and field athletics. Kistler force plates are also ideal for objective measurement of take-off forces.

Force Plates for Gait and Balance Analysis

As well as measuring ground reaction forces precisely and reliably, Kistler force plates exploit inverse dynamics to provide a sound basis for calculating forces, moments and torques. These extremely accurate force plates detect minute changes and asymmetries in the gait, thereby helping practitioners to reach correct diagnoses, to adapt prostheses and to document the rehabilitation process. In addition to precise measurement of forces, the special design principle of some Kistler force plates allows very accurate monitoring of shifts in weight (balance) and examination of the effects and progress of diseases or medication.

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