Monark 894E

What is Monark Bike?

With a high performance characteristics and cycling experience are Monark Sports products the obvious choice among both Olympic medalists as athletes who have high standards for their training. With the unique and accurate calibration method is the bikes trust of researchers in sports medicine worldwide.

Why Monark 849E?

Anaerobic testing involves tremendous strain on the bicycle ergometer. Monark 894E is designed to meet this demands. Extended support feet with predrilled holes so the bike can be bolted to the floor. 6 points of support guarantees a more stable position. Reinforcement between the support tube and the frame to increase the torsional rigidity. We have kept a seatpost with a throughtbolt, not taking any risks. The Monark 894 E is an ergometer for anaerobic tests that also works as a normal traditional weight ergometer. It has a brake system where the workload is determined by weights added in the weight basket. The patented weight basket system does not require calibration, the precision of the weights ensures that the workload is correct. RPM-controlled release of weight basket and test duration up to 99 minutes increase safety and the potential for optimal tests. The easy-to-use Windows-based software has more setting possibilities with clear presentation graphics. Thanks to double sensors, faster electronics and improved mechanics, performing anaerobic tests is now more efficient and less complicated.

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