What is a SpeedCourt?

The SpeedCourt is a multifunctional training and measurement system for speed and agility, quickness, coordination, visual and cognitive perception and end stage rehabilitation. On a sports floor field of 50m² 12 sensor fields are embedded, connected and steered by highly sophisticated software. Countless variations of fundamental-, motion-, explosiveness- and reactive speed, acceleration and agility, power, and injury prevention can be created by the coach and get visualized on a large screen for the athlete.

Who can train on a SpeedCourt?

The SpeedCourt is being used by professional and recreational teams and individual sports like football, handball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis, badminton, etc. But also athletes from track and field, boxing or other martial arts, even motorsports drivers can be tested and improved in their reaction, explosiveness, acceleration and multiple cognitive skills. With his wide multi-functionality SpeedCourt is a great system for almost all age and performance levels. Youngsters and professionals and all kind of athletes get great motivation and fun out of SpeedCourt-measuring and training. SpeedCourt is used by famous Champions-League Football-Clubs, by lots of training and rehab centers, by Universities, institutes and even in well known TV shows.

Key Benefits of the SpeedCourt?

Parameters measured on a SpeedCourt: Various reaction times on single and multiple events Tapping frequencies Ground contact times and flight times Jump heights and ground contact times for various jumps Times for change of direction in game like situations and times for decision making Countless variations of tests and exercises, which can be programmed by the coach Programs based on active and reactive speed Programs for cognitive skills like "speed-memory" Precise measuring to thousandth of a second, speed in km/h

The SpeedCourt tests an athlete´s game speed and - this is what makes the SpeedCourt even more unique - it improves the athlete´s skills, proven by measured results!

Which SpeedCourt activities can be offered? The SpeedCourt can be used for multidirectional agility training and testing. All measurements can be stored in the athletes’ database. This allows easy and quick test selection and creation of customized test and training sessions. Whenever SpeedCourt users return for a test they can compare their former results, which is supported by graphical analysis. The so called SpeedCheck is a great analysis of strength and weakness of athletes and teams. It is also the fundamental start of a training program in speed, explosiveness and agility. There is an enormous motivation for all kind of athletes to train on the SpeedCourt through the direct visual feedback due to local and global high scores. Training sessions can be held individually, in groups or for whole teams. It is possible to work with up to 4 players on the SpeedCourt by the same time. The usage of additional devices like footballs, handballs, basketballs, rubber bands, air-dummies and many more are a great way of intensive, effective and enjoying training-forms.

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