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What is dynamic posture analysis?

Dynamic bipedal stance systems are often used for a global type of proprioceptive control (postural destabilization). Proprioceptive control in static position (stabilometry) is often altered in dynamic situations. The primary function of a proprioceptive bipedal system is to understand and quantify how the subject globally manages instability. In dynamic postural control, the importance of the mutual interaction by three systems is now consolidated: i.e. by the peripheral (mechanoreceptors), by the intermediate (afferent vestibular) and by the central system (afferent visual).The most frequent applications for these types of devices are: assessment and exercise of the global, total load proprioceptive system, dynamic postural assessment.

Why dynamic posture analysis

The system is constituted essentially by a data acquisition board capable of electronic transduction of all the minimum angular movements performed by a sophisticated electronic platform. When the patient tilts the mobile platform by moving his/her limb placed on top of it, the data acquisition board converts each single movement into electrical impulses and sends them directly to the personal computer. The electric impulses processed by the system software, allow for display on the computer screen of a graph tracing that is tightly related to the patient’s joint movements (kinaesthetic tracing)


Assessment modules:

  • Static stability assessment
  • Limits of stability
  • Proprioceptive Pre-assessment
  • Monoaxial proprioceptive assessment
  • Multiaxial Proprioceptive assessment
  • Disequilibrium/Skill assessment
  • Time/ dynamic assessment
  • Equilibrium management assessment
  • Total and partial load assessments

Analysis and training modules:

  • Flat view and graphs
  • Rehabilitative tracings management (builder)
  • Rehabilitative tracings
  • Stability tracings
  • Load training


  • Pong
  • Light

Electromyography with integrated software to the software of the Prokin

Assessment and training in sitting position

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