Laser Therapy (Hilterapia)


Hilterapia ®, immediate, long-lasting effects relieving the most common painful pathologies

Hilterapia ®, exploits then innovative, patented HILT ® (High Intensity Laser Therapy) laser impulse approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration - USA) to obtain, in a short time and long-lasting, efficient bio-stimulating, anti-inflammatory and pain-killing action. The unique, patented features of the HILT® impulse provide significant advantages as compared with other therapy tools: Only Hilterapia® is able to take strong doses is able to take strong doses of energy safely to such depths for the patient, thereby stimulating tissues that would not otherwise react, and successfully treating pathologies where other therapeutic techniques are inadequate; Only Hilterapia® makes it possible to exercise the photochemical, photothermal and photomechanical effects of the laser at the same time; Only Hilterapia® relieves pain from the very first treatment, with quick patient recovery and quick restoration of function, with a limited number of sessions and short treatment times.


Whatever level of sport, one will no doubt know that tendonitis, epicondylitis, trauma and sprains are just around the corner, and also know that it is a need to be up and running again as quickly as possible. This is why Hilterapia®; starts working from the very first session. This is why professional rugby players,footballers, athletes and motorcyclists use Hilterapia®: pain is relieved, even deep down, in a shorts pace of time, meaning you’re, quite literally, straight back on ‘track’.


Patients will benefit from a new, positive energy, the effect of Hilterapia® on all painful pathologies involving the muscular skeletal apparatus: pain relief, anti-inflammatory and anti-trophic for back and neck pain, sprains, insertional pathologies, bursitis, periarthritis.


To return to physical shape, to recover functionality compromised by surgery or a fracture, to restore a more regular motor activity, but above all to reacquire a good quality of life, Hilterapia® is an efficient solution. It encourages quick rehabilitation and a speedy, progressive disappearance of pain