Postural Analysis & Spine Screening

The purpose of the spinal column is to provide stability, add mobility to the torso, and protect the delicate nerves of the spinal cord. Neutral posture puts the least strain on the joints, while postures like slouching, canting joints out of alignment, or being too stiff can cause injuries over time. Postural analysis & spine screening is an assessment technique seeks posture and spine to find out signs of injuries, as well as poor postural habits that could lead to injury in the future. In a clinical setting, such evaluations can be valuable for determining the origins of postural strain and developing an appropriate treatment program. Early detection is the key to controlling spinal and postural deformities. The main purpose of spinal screening is to detect scoliosis and kyphosis at an early stage, when the curve is mild and may even go unnoticed. Most curves can be treated by exercise without needing surgery if they are detected before they become too severe. With the contribution of Contemplas posture analysis software, GSA specialists ensure a good posture leads better feeling, becoming more balanced and reduced risk of injuries. Your stability, coordination, strength, and flexibility are going to improve.