Sport Specific Return-to-Sport-Tests

The majority of athletes desire to get back to the sport and level as before their injury. Optimal functional ability is the aim of rehabilitation after a sports related injury for the athlete. Adequate physical performance without pain and/or swelling during or after functional tests is a universal criterion before allowing an athlete to return to sport after injury. Too early return to sport and/or incomplete rehabilitation after injury is common among physically active individuals. This means an increased risk for recurrence or a ”new” injury. Athletes that have been rehabilitated need to be carefully evaluated before considering them to return. Knowledge about the actual sport or physical activity that the patient wishes to return is crucial. Each sport has its unique profile of demand, which the c needs to know about when choosing functional tests for evaluation. The evaluation should mirror the patient´s activity/sport as closely as possible, a ”customized” evaluation. In these circumstances, it is generally agreed that sports related tests are the most appropriate ones. GSA exercise specialists use sport specific tests to identify physical weaknesses, predict possible return to sport and give feedback for the athletes.

GSA primarily uses;