Thermo Tk Deep Heating Unit

Thermo Tk Deep Heating Unit

ThermoTK -Deep Heating through high-frequency electrotherapy

A high-frequency current is applied to the patient. It enters the tissue almost not perceptible and is converted into heat in the target tissue. In contrast to direct or low frequency currents, the high frequency currents have the ability to penetrate superficial skin layers without energy loss. The energy is thus released only in the deeper tissue layers and converted into heat. The clear and modern colour display shows all relevant parameters for treatment and the modern touch operation ensures an uncomplicated treatment. Individual programme start configuration and clear, simple menu navigation make operation of the device easy and comfortable for users. The compact design saves space in the practice and is highly suited for use in home visits. Depth warmth from high-frequency current in conjunction with a manual treatment – this treatment makes fit in no time not only elite athletes after musculoskeletal injuries. During the treatment you feel nothing but a pleasant feeling of warmth. The immediate and beneficial mode of action convinces already at the first application! In the application of ThermoTK a high-frequency current is applied, not perceptible for the patient. Through an innovative method the energy is released to deeper tissue layers and converted into heat. It works very precisely at the acute problem area in the muscles, tendons, bones and joints.

When is the treatment appropriate?

In all acute and chronic conditions of the support and movement apparatus, e.g. in

How does high-frequency depth warmth work?

Depth warmth with ThermoTK mobilizes the natural healing processes: Your blood circulation as well as oxygen supply improves, muscle relax sustainably, and pain is significantly alleviated. The path to a more active life!