Ultrasonic Diagnostics Musculoskeletal System


Imaging Modes

The CHISON Q5 is an exciting new digital portable scanner offering a wide range of imaging modes making it ideally suited for use in the ward and in general practice. Configured with application presets, combined with a large 15 inch medical grade LCD monitor and a powerful, flexible archiving system, the CHISON Q5 brings unparalleled ease of use and image quality giving advancedbenefits in all imaging modes, allowing a fast, accurate diagnosis

Advanced Technologies

Compound Imaging

Traditional compound imaging technologies improve the image quality, but reduce the frame rate of the images being sampled, affecting diagnosis and efficiency. The Q5 compound imaging has integrated multiple key factors but will not sacrifice the frame rate.

Speckle Reduction Algorithm

SRA is a technology that uses a variety of noise reducing algorithms to suppress speckle in the image, smooth the tissue and increase the clarity of edges, giving a clearer image and the ability of make a more accurate diagnosis.