Whole Body Cryotherapy - ICELAB

The use of extreme cold for easing the pain, reducing the inflammation, surpassing and maintenance of performance and general activation and improvement of psychological profile.


In the Icelab you will find a special climate - one found neither on earth nor in space. You can remain at -110°C from one to three minutes. This is possible because at this temperature the air no longer contains moisture and there are no air currents. You do not perceive the cold to be as extreme as it is. The two antechambers through which you pass without stopping stabilize the temperature and prevent the formation of heavy fog in the main chamber.

Spending time in the Icelab is a unique experience, surprising you with the spontaneous surge of well-being that is created. The positive effects of the Icelab climate on health and performance have been the subject of numerous scientific studies and have been fully documented over the past 20 years. The technology for the procedure was developed in Germany during this period.

The Icelab has been used for recovery of performance, particularly in athletes exposed to high muscular loads through power exercises. In such cases it is generally used in the recovery stage after exercise. Icelab prevents the development of muscle soreness and improves both toleration of muscle soreness and sleep quality by reducing the accumulation of harmful metabolic byproducts.

Faster Recovery

Bringing athletes back to peak performance level as quickly as possible after the event is the most important topic in sports. Use of the Icelab creates the conditions needed for more intensive training episodes – an important contribution with no harmful side effects.

Improvement of Athletic Performance

The performance-enhancing effect of Icelab has been scientifically demonstrated. Its use in performance sports increases stamina while reducing the heart rate. Mental stimulation in preparation for performance is clearly also important. These effects may be used successfully across the entire spectrum of sports from fitness maintenance to high performance athletics.

Shortening of the Traumatic and Postoperative Rehabilitation Stages

In addition to pain relief, acceleration of healing is also important. This makes Icelab an ideal supplement to conventional physical therapy.