Gloria Cup Tournaments began in 2014 as Gloria Cup Basketball and Gloria Cup Volleyball. The first Gloria Cup Basketball tournament was a competition between six Euroleague teams and four leading teams in Gloria Cup Volleyball Tournament including Vakıfbank and Volero Zürich.
    Over time, the Gloria Cup has continued to grow including the Gloria Cup Volleyball Tournament, the Gloria Cup Athletics Championships, and the Gloria Cup Basketball Tournament in 2018 and 2019.

    Now, the Gloria Cup 2020 is about to open it doors to new and exciting moments in sport. World renowned athletes and teams, who have already proven their success in Canoeing and Basketball will compete in the Gloria Cup 2020 in March and September.

    Follow the excitement of the Gloria Cup 2020 with the #GloriaCup hashtag!

    GLORIA CUP2020

    Catch the excitement of Gloria Cup 2020!

    Gloria Cup Canoeing: 12-14 March 2020
    Gloria Cup Basketball Tournament I: 2-6 September 2020
    Gloria Cup Basketball Tournament II: 8-13 September 2020


    GLORIA CUP2019

    Catch the excitement of Gloria Cup 2019!

    Gloria Cup Volleyball: 15-17 August
    Gloria Cup Basketball: 11-15 September
    Gloria Cup Athletics: 16 September


    GLORIA CUP2018

    Catch the excitement of Gloria Cup 2018!

    Gloria Cup Volleyball: 23-25 August
    Gloria Cup Athletics: 11 September
    Gloria Cup Basketball: 12-16 September

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