Optimize your succes with Gloria Sports Arena's analysis, treatment and training packages targeted to meet the needs of teams and athletes.

Sömestir Tatili Paketi

Bu yıl sömestir tatilinde eğlence ve sporu Gloria’da birleştirin.

Golf Rehabilitation & Fitness Program

The Golf Rehabilitation and Fitness Program at Gloria Sports Arena Health Center offers services to diagnose and treat golf-related spine or peripheral joint injuries to help you recover from injury or surgery, and safely return to the course.

Sports Rehabilitation Program

The Sports Injury Rehabilitation Program at Gloria Sports Arena offers specialized evaluation and treatment not just for athletes, but for any active person with a musculoskeletal problem who wants to return to physical activity.

Weight Loss/Healthy Life Program

Introduce yourself to a healthy life! Fathom your physiology and take the first steps to move in the right direction of improving your overall health and well-being.

Physical Check-Up

Physical Check-Up programs for children 'Junior gladiator package'; for young 'Young athlete package'; for adults 'Physical check-up package' and for elite athletes 'Elite athlete full-check package'

Elite Football Player Program

This program is open to football players who play or train at an intermediate level or above. You will be taught and analyzed by renowned coaches and professionals in the fields of sports physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, technique, injury prevention, and resistance and flexibility training.

Group Specific Camps

Gloria Sports Arena conducts tailored fitness/wellness/training and education camps for a wide variety of groups: women, children, fitness clubs, schools, companies, corporate groups etc.

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