Marketing Permit

I grant my consent to Gloria Sports Arena to utilise my telephone number and e- mail address, which I have shared or will share further, for the purpose of sending promotional e-mails to me; in particular the introduction of new products and special offers from Gloria Sports Arena; to communicate with me via telephone and email; for the retention of information that I have shared for this purpose by Gloria Sports Arena in this regard; to share with third parties that provide service on delivering messages limited to this purpose; and to retain and record the contents of promotional e-mail messages and other related records to be submitted to the relevant official institutions if and when required.

Gloria Sports Arena may indefinitely retain and use my contact information at home and/or abroad in order to share with third parties with whom Gloria Sports Arena has collaborated to provide better service, provided that all necessary safety conditions are provided and met.

The user agrees that they have granted an explicit consent to Gloria Sports Arena to retain and use their personal information in this manner.

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