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This Cookie Policy is valid for all websites and mobile platforms, and third-party programs or platforms accessed or used through such websites, which are operated by Gloria Hotels & Resorts.

Purpose: Cookies are small data particles that are placed into devices (computers, telephones, tablets) for the purpose of proper operation of the web site, user experience improvement, development and optimization of the website, delivery of suitable and interest-driven advertisements, and delivery of an interesting and personalized website/application and advertisement portfolio.

Types of Cookies: Cookies have different classification types. Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain on your device until you leave the website. Permanent cookies remain on the hardware of your device for much longer.

Necessary Cookies: These cookies enable proper operation of the web site and facilitate movement around the web site and use of its features. Necessary cookies are anonymous in nature.

Functional and Analytic Cookies: These cookies enable storage of your preferences, and effective use and optimization of the web site. They also provide data on how visitors use the web site. These types of cookies may contain personal information like user name, etc.

Advertising Cookies: These cookies provide data that enables advertisements to be tailored to your interests and preferences, and enhance user experience by offering a more sophisticated, personalized advertisement portfolio.

The abovementioned session, permanent, functional and analytic and advertising cookies are retained in the background approximately 2 (two) months and the user can make the necessary adjustments from the internet browser settings. The removal of cookies may vary depending on the web site browser settings.

Third-party cookies: Gloria Hotels & Resorts’ web sites, mobile applications and mobile web sites work with reliable and known third-party advertising providers. Third-party service providers place their own cookies in order to offer you customized advertisements. Cookies placed by third parties collect and process visitors’ browsing information on the website and analyse how visitors use websites.

Cookie Consent: You are deemed to have consented to the use of cookies in compliance within the scope of the policy by using the web sites, mobile applications and mobile web sites of Gloria Hotels & Resorts. If you do not choose to accept our Cookies on your electronic device, you may refuse to use cookies. Should you refuse the cookies, our website or mobile applications may not work correctly or problems may occur during the provision of the services you have requested.

Information on the use of cookies is released on the first visit to internet sites / mobile applications / mobile internet sites of Gloria Hotels & Resorts with a pop-up window. When you close this window, you are considered to have accepted the use of cookies. As stated in the last paragraph under the title cookie types, you may disable the use of cookies.

Cookie Management: You may remove stored cookies instead of disabling them. This setting location varies according to the browser that you use. You may find the relevant setting by using the “Help” function on your browser.

Gloria Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to make changes to this Policy without any notification to its users or website visitors.

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