Elite Football Player 690X504

Elite Football Player Program

TRAIN LIKE A PRO! “Bring your game to the next level!”
This program is open to football players who play or train at an intermediate level or above. You will be taught and analyzed by renowned coaches and professionals in the fields of sports physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, technique, injury prevention, and resistance and flexibility training. Over the last three years, generally just before the preseason camps, many elite football players from across Turkey and from Europe and Middle East have enjoyed this opportunity to build a profile of the ideal strength, power, endurance, flexibility, explosiveness, speed, agility, reaction time, coordination, anticipation, and muscular control.
All elite football players are welcome to join one of the 3 – 7 days scheduled preseason group camps or to create an individualized program at any time of the year.
Related services include:

Test & Measurements:
Expert Physical Examination
BODPOD Body Composition Analysis
3D Posture Analysis
Balance & Proprioception Test
FootScan Gait Analysis
Functional Movement Screen – FMS
Spartanova Sports Specific Injury Risk Analysis
Speedcourt Test– Speed, Agility & Coordination
Wingate Anaerobic Capacity Test
Maximal Oxygen Consumption Test – VO2 max
Lactate test
Optojump Running Analysis
Sprint Test
Detailed Result Report

Supportive Therapies for Regeneration & Recovery:
Icelab -110o Whole Body Cryotherapy
Hydroworx Aquatherapy
Kneipp Pool
TECAR Deep heat therapy

Special Training Sessions:
Hydroworx Aquatraining
Speedcourt Training
Isokinetic Strength training
Vertimax training
Personal training
Other group training sessions (Bouldering, Spinning, Zumba etc.)