Gloria Clinic: Athletics & Speed Development

Athletics Clinic is bringing world renowned trainers, Loren Seagrave and Karim Wahab, together at the Gloria Sports Arena. Lasting for four days, the program will include two days of theoretical, and two days of practical training with the athletes.

Training program:

Day 1: Training Theory 1
1. Speed development and sprint training philosophy
2. Understanding sprinting technical model (Full break down of the technical model and how to teach it!)
3. Velocity, stride length, stride rate and leg length assessment (Collecting the individual athlete data inventory)

Day 2: Training Theory 2
1. Speed development training methods and means
2. Speed developing program design considerations and methodology
3. Open discussion/ question-answer session

Day 3: Applied Clinic 1 with Athletes Included
1. Teaching speed development w-up
2. Teaching starting posture enforcement drills, start and acceleration forced mechanics drills
3. Start and Acceleration training
4. Review of some of the most transferable multi throw, multi jumps, resisted sprint methods for start and acceleration

Day 4: Applied Clinic 2 with Athletes Included
1. Teaching Max velocity posture enforcement drills
2. Max velocity forced mechanics drills
3. Teaching the completion run (putting it all together)
4. Review of some of the most transferable Plyometrics, resisted sprint methods for max velocity and upright sprinting

To participate in the conference, taking place from November 29th to December 2nd, please send an e-mail to

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