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Gloria Cup 2019

Hosting world-renowned teams and athletes the 3rd Gloria Cup, Gloria Cup 2019 will have three tournaments across three sports branches: Gloria Cup 2019 Volleyball, Gloria Cup 2019 Basketball, Gloria Cup 2019 Athletics.
The Gloria Cup 2019 tournaments will be held with the organisations of Gloria Sports Arena, Smart Casual Event, Turkish Volleyball Federation, Turkish Basketball Federation, and Turkish Athletics Federation.

Gloria Cup Volleyball tournament will be held from 15 to 17 August, with the participation of 4 Women’s National Volleyball Teams. The tournament will be held in a single group. Champion of the Gloria Cup Volleyball will be determined with the final day matches of the group on August 17th.

Gloria Cup Basketball tournament will be held from 11 to 15 September, with the participation of 3 EuroLeague and 3 EuroCup teams within 2 groups. Teams will be divided into two groups of three. Final day draws will be decided after the group matches according to teams standings in the Group of A and B. Gloria Cup Basketball finals will be on September 15th with the 5th-6th, 3rd-4th and the championship matches.

World famous athletes will compete for the Gold Medal in the Gloria Cup Athletics, which will take place in 10 sports branches with a 1-day event on 16 September.
Athletes will compete in the categories of Men’s Javelin Throw, Women’s High Jump, Men’s 400m Hurdles, Men’s Triple Jump, Women’s 400m Hurdles, Men’s 400m, Women’s Javelin Throw, Women’s 100m Hurdles, Women’s 100m and Men’s 200m.

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