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Gloria Clinic: Visceral Osteopathy Course

The world’s most prominent visceral therapist, the founder of “Association of Visceral Chiropractics” Prof. Aleksandr Ogulov will be at Gloria Sports Arena to give a six full-day course for medical doctors from 17th December to 22nd December 2018.

Topics to be covered during the 45 hours of theoretical and practical training;

1. Introduction and basic concepts
2. The history of the emergence and creation of the method
3. The mechanism of the method
4. Interaction Circles
5. Projection zones of internal organs
6. Anatomy, physiology and methods of working on organs and systems:
- Biliary excretion
- Liver
- Pancreas and spleen
- Stomach
- Small intestine
- Colon
- Kidneys and urinary system
- Ovaries and uterus
- Prostate gland and testicles
- Lungs
- A heart
- Abdominal aorta and ileal vessels
7. Working with the neck-collar area
8. Antiparasitic methods
9. Antifungal methods
10. Antiviral methods
11. Basics of nutrition
12. The relationship of visceral practice with related methods
13. Additional working methods

To participate in the course, taking place from 17th December to 22nd December, please send an e-mail to [email protected]