Learn your current performance with personal and group training programs and improve your achievement with feedback that will result in training.​

  • Vertimax Training

    Cutting-edge training tools helps to improve vertical jump, speed and explosive power and acceleration at virtually any position.​

  • Personal Training

    It consists of hands on instruction and one-hour face-to-face training sessions in Gloria Sports Arena fitness studio with certified athletic trainers. Training is specifically designed for the individual client. Whatever the goal: lose weight, gain muscle, change body composition, or vary a workout routine…​

  • Technogym

    OMNIA™ 8 & 3

    RUN - Treadmill
    SYNCHRO - Cross Training
    VARIO - Elliptical
    RECLINE - Bike
    TOP - Upper Body Cardio

  • Speedcourt – Speed, Agility & Coordination Training

    ​The SpeedCourt is a multifunctional training and measurement system for speed and agility, coordination, visual and cognitive perception and end stage rehabilitation. 12-sensor embedded sports floor is connected and steered by highly sophisticated software. Variations of fundamental, motion, explosiveness and reactive speed, acceleration and agility, power, and injury prevention can be created by the coach and be visualized on a large screen for the athlete. Speedcourt test protocol is also used as the return-to-sport criteria.

  • Jump Tests

    The reactive skills (or the functionality of ‘stretching-shortening cycle’) patterns identify the relevant neuromuscular/coordinative performance level. Jump tests and sophisticated technique analyses are executed with highly sensitive Kistler force plates.​

  • High Speed Video Analysis (Contemplas)

    GAIT Analysis is used to assess, plan, and treat individuals with conditions affecting their ability to walk and run. It is also used in sports biomechanics to help athletes run more efficiently and to identify posture-related or movement-related problems in people with injuries.​

    Underwater Video Analysis is a complete solution for analyzing the biomechanics of swimming movements and performance relevant parameters divided in specific workflows: Start Analysis - Turn Analysis - Timing Analysis - Competition Analysis - Qualitative Motion & Technique Analysis.

    High Speed Video Analysis involves the evaluation of specific sports related movements. Using multiple synchronized capture perspectives and useful analysis tools, coaches and athletes alike are able to determine critical weaknesses in form and are thus able to enable the immediate correction of said weaknesses.

  • Fitlight – Reaction Time/Concentration/Focusing

    ​Light signals are used as targets for the user to deactivate, and can be adapted and configured for all sports and training regimes. This training system is designed to capture human performance, targeting reaction time, speed, agility, coordination – all measured for immediate performance feedback.

  • Spartanova Sports Specific Injury Risk Analysis

    By means of numerous clinical and functional tests, all backed up with relevant scientific evidence, the musculoskeletal system can be evaluated and any significant risk assessed. Using these screening recommendations for an individual, a prevention strategy can be formulated and compiled.​

  • Rigid Taping/Kinesio Taping/Dynamic Taping

    Athletic Taping, Kinesio Taping, Dynamic Taping, and other taping techniques to help pain management, swelling control, tissue healing, functional improvement and injury prevention.

  • Isokinetic Strength Test & Training

    ​Isokinetic test and training system allows the exact evaluation of muscular power during static isometric contractions and during concentric and/or eccentric muscle activity with constant angular speed. Single joint measurement reveals the momentum forces of the synergic and antagonistic muscles. Multiple joint measurements provide overall evaluation of kinetic chains. Isokinetic training helps athletes to gain strength faster than regular concentric weight training using eccentric contraction.

  • Hydroworx Aquatherapy

    A pool with full running belt bottom whose depth, treadmill speed and resistance can be adjusted. The pool allows with reduced gravitational effects on the joints of the lower extremity to realize various running loads. Permanently installed underwater cameras provide regular Bio-Feedback information/control to the athlete about his joint stress during the workout. Laterally installed counterflow jets allow different workout intensities during aqua jogging as well as auto-massages at the pool edges. By virtue of these features, it can be used for many purposes from recovery training with joy to rehabilitation of serious movement restrictions, an efficient cardio-training, losing weight and fat burning sessions. Average session duration is 30 minutes.

  • Functional Movement Screen - FMS

    The compact test battery provides a well-established scoring system to reveal functional deficits and asymmetries. The results form the basis for the creation of a corrective exercise program.

  • EMG Analysis - 16 Channel Wireless

    With special protocols on treadmill, heart is monitored with electrodes continuously. Major cardiac problems including coronary disease can be revealed by this test.​

  • Electrostimulation - EMS

    Electrostimulation is an integral part of physiotherapy and pain management protocols, and used in training programs to prevent injuries. By the help of wireless electrostimulation, muscular excitation occurs directly on the motor nerve using electrical pulses perfectly controlled to guarantee effectiveness, safety and comfort in use.​

  • Balance & Proprioception Test

    Dynamic platform allows qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the ability of the musculoskeletal system to maintain the balance on unstable ground/conditions. The results identify individual deficiencies.