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Gloria Cup 2019 press conference

On Friday, August 2, apress conference was held for the Gloria Cup 2019, starting on August 15 with the Gloria Cup Volleyball Tournament.

Gloria Sports Arena CEO Elif Özdemir held a press conference for the Gloria Cup, together with Mehmet Akif Üstündağ, president of the Turkish Volleyball Federation; Hidayet Türkoğlu, president of the Turkish Basketball Federation; Fatih Çintimar, president of the Turkish Athletic Federation; and Mert Osman Can, General Manager of Smart Casual Event.

Elif Özdemir began by thanking the presidents of the respective federations, as well as Smart Casual Event and the members of the press. Özdemir said that, “With the participation of world-renowned teams and athletes, we witnessed exciting events in volleyball, basketball and other athletics branches and received positive feedback. We are here again with the tournaments that represent our country in the finest way, according to feedback from our viewers and participants. With the Gloria Sports Arena brand, we hold the title of the most comprehensive sports hotel in Europe. Our goal is to provide a unique experience for the teams and athletes who come here but, as well, our intention is to do our best for the development of sports and athletes in Turkey, and ensure that those watching the broadcast can see that it is organised in Turkey. In addition to such facilities that contribute to the realization of our country’s dream of organising the Olympics here, I believe that investments into athletes and trainers are extremely important.”

Speaking after Elif Özdemir, Hidayet Türkoğlu discussed the importance of the Gloria Sports Arena. Türkoğlu said, “Gloria is a very meaningful place for me and my family, where we feel at home. Gloria Sports Arena is the best facility in Europe and I hope that we will have more such facilities in our country for serving sports. We are happy to be here in front of you as the successful federations of Turkey and we want everyone to know that, as three federations, we are working night and day to take the branches to a higher level. From September 11 and September 15, the Gloria Cup 2019 Basketball tournament will take place. I hope this organisation will be enjoyed by all, and without any injuries.”

Mehmet Akif Üstündağ, president of the Turkish Volleyball Federation, noted that Turkey, Serbia, Italy snd Croatia will compete in the Gloria Cup 2019 Volleyball Women’s National Teams Tournament between August 15-17. Üstündağ said, “Any ranking outside the top three, when competing in Europe and in the world, disturbs us, as we always maintain our targets. Gloria Sports Arena is also very important for us; every year, we organize a camp event here and we aim to raise world-renowned athletes here. Today we are going to play the Olympic qualifier in China. Our calendar is busy. We will be together at the Gloria Sports Arena in the last tournaments prior to the European Championship between August 15-17. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this organization.”

Gloria Cup 2019 Athletics will be held on September 16, 2019 as part of Gloria Cup 2019, which is considered one of the most serious preparation tournaments for all athletes. Fatih Çintimar, president of the Turkish Athletic Federation, stated that 14 Turkish and 56 foreign athletes from 25 countries will attend the championship, and added, “It is so valuable for the Federation - one of the top three federations in Turkey - to take a place in the Gloria Cup 2019 organization. Gloria Sports Arena is the best camp facility in the world. After the Gloria Cup Athletics Championship, our athletes will go to Doha - and competing here is important preparation them.”

Mert Osman Can, the General Manager of Smart Casual Event, was the last to take the stage at the press conference. He said, “Since the opening of Gloria Sports Arena, as Smart Casual Event we have hosted more than 43 basketball teams and 11 volleyball teams - where four were national teams - and many athletes at Gloria. By the end of this year, we will have completed 19 tournaments. Gloria Sports Arena is the centre of attraction for the athletes. We start with Gloria Cup Volleyball on August 15. Our primary goal is to realize the projects we have envisioned. Beautiful organizations are happening with beautiful people, so I would like to thank everyone who has touched our lives at the Gloria Cup.”

The conference concluded with a Q&A session, followed by a photo shoot.